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Very brief description of the courses

Creative workshop
Age: 7-15 years old
We study art history from antiquity to the present - all styles, directions, techniques and important names! We draw, paint, model, cut, photograph and depict. And we chat, advise, discuss, celebrate and as a result - we practice languages!

art club
Age: 4-7 years old
Draw, print, cut and paste, model, build, play, read, write, mix, crumple, wrap and paint. And also for talking, laughing, jumping, singing and dancing. And also: drinking tea, getting advice, cuddling, celebrating and sharing holidays.

Creative Saturdays
Age: 7-16 years old
This is an immersion in creativity, the ability to build one big project at once, make lots of cool new friends, and fully immerse yourself in the locale. And for parents it's 4 hours without children on Saturday ;)
• All materials, food and drinks are included in the price

Academic Fine Art
Age: 15-100 years old
This is a course in classical academic drawing and painting. Drawing from life, proportions, the golden ratio, painting and graphic techniques... We also work on our own projects, where we immediately apply the knowledge we have acquired and see the result.
The courses are aimed at adults and young people, both beginners and experienced artists looking for new inspiration.

Ladies Art Night
Age: 18+
For everyone who loves art, who has drawn once or never but really wants to, for beginners and advanced. For anyone who wants to go out and chat in the chic atmosphere of an art studio.
- I tell everything, show and help, but these are your author's projects, we all paint different pictures. The creation of a project usually takes three to six evenings.
You don't have to show up every night in a row.

Transformation Art
The workshop series
Age: 18+
Art is our means of personal development, reflection, reducing stress and building resilience. Depending on the month, the focus is either on neurographics or expressive arts, in which drawing, movement and writing are combined.

Icon painting
School of Byzantine icon painting
Age: 16-100 years old
We will master the technique of egg tempera; learn what pigments are; and make icon pictures. We will prepare panels for icons, almost like old times; and learn about different ways of applying paint and other secrets of the old masters.

language courses
Age: 4-7, 7-13 years old
Small groups allow us to put together a program tailored to the needs and skill level of each participant. Our methodology assumes stress-free activities in a comfortable home environment and a spirit of creativity.

Further offers on request
Age: 0-100 years old
In addition to regular courses, we also offer creative educational projects in schools and daycare centers, work with young people and offer projects for adults.

We are always open to interesting suggestions! Write us a message:

Lesson cost:

// first trial session for weekly classes - 10€ CREATIVE WORKSHOP: 60€ calendar month
AND PAINTING:: 60€ calendar month
CREATIVE CLUB:: 45€ calendar month
ICON PAINTING:: 50€ calendar month

LADIES ART NIGHT:: 25€ per session
TRANSFORMATIONAL ART:: 30€ per session
CREATIVE SATURDAYS :: 50€ per session (for children Kunsthaus 40 € ) 

45€ per calendar month

//For regular courses, we have an annual contract, the payment for classes is divided into 12 equal monthly payments. // During the school holidays in Bremen and public holidays, classes are not held, school fees for this period are also paid (because the fee for classes is divided into 12 equal monthly payments) // The contract can be terminated by either party after 1 month's notice at the end of the month.

an environment for maximum freedom.
Invention, creativity, experiments, training, the search for harmony and beauty,
and, of course, the joy of this process and friendship.
This is what art means.


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